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Slow SAP transaction on Cisco VPN Tunnel

The VPN connection is established from the VPN Client to a Cisco ASA 5510 with Software Version 8.0(4). Then, a ping -t command is made to monitor the connection. When a connection the user tries to connect to a SAP Server using the SAP Logon application, response times of the ping rises up to 1000ms and sometimes 3000 ms. The SAP connection is established but too slow. The ASA in Internet has reserver 256 kbps, but it does not uses more than 80 kbps. I have tried to move the MTU size in the ASA public interface from 1500 to 1200, but then the connection to SAP servers is not only slow, it does not establishes.


Re: Slow SAP transaction on Cisco VPN Tunnel

If you are using webVPN client then you do the following and try.

1. Clear your browser cache

2. Clear the Java Cache (Start -> Control Panel -> Java -> Temporary

Internet Files -> Delete)

3. Start the Java Console - In Internet Explorer (Tools -> Sun Java

Console) and type 5 to set the trace level

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