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some weird SSL VPN commands


to customise my SSL  VPN portal these are the commands I typed, I took them form one of the cisco user guide configuration, but unfortunately, the router  does not recongnise those commands. I don't know what's wrong.

-    customise the SSL VPN Portal

(config)# webvpn context SecContext

(config-webvpn-context)# login-message “please enter your credentials”

(config-webvpn-context)# title “SecContext SSL VPN Service”

(config-webvpn-context)# secondary-color darkseagreen

(config-webvpn-context)# title-color #808080

(config-webvpn-context)# logo logohome.gif

(config-webvpn-context)# text-color white

(config-webvpn-context)# secondary-text-color black

config-webvpn-context)# exit

I  also typed the commands that follows. but when I authenticate  successfully, nothing appears that is I don't have any output. please do  some one help me.

-    access servers configuration

(config)# webvpn context SecContext

(config-webvpn-context)# url-list ListForClientlessUsers

(config-webvpn-url)# url-text “IntranetServer” url-value serverurl

(config-webvpn-url)# heading “ClientlessAccess”

(config)#ip name-server dnsserveraddress

-    outlook server configuration

(config)# webvpn context SecContext

(config-webvpn-context)# url-list WebOutlook

(config-webvpn-context)# url-text “OutlookWebAccess” url-value serverurl

(config-webvpn-context)# heading “OutlookWebAccess"

-    map the URL list above to the policy group

(config)# webvpn context SecContext

(config-webvpn-context)# policy group SecDefaultPolicy

(config-webvpn-policy)# url-list WebOutlook

(config-webvpn-policy)# url-list ListForClientlessUsers

(config-webvpn-policy)# hide-url-bar

I am using a cisco 20811 router IOS version 12.4(13r)T



some weird SSL VPN commands

Please post the whole config.

show run | sec webvpn

Is the default-group configured?

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Re: some weird SSL VPN commands

the default group is the same as the group configured.

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some weird SSL VPN commands

the show run | sec webvpn command did show any result. this is part of the result of th show run command

webvpn gateway RingoGW

ip address x.x.x.x port x.x

http-redirect port x

ssl trustpoint TP-self-signed-2814278058



webvpn context SecContext

title "testsite"

secondary-color #C0C0C0

title-color #808080

ssl authenticate verify all


url-list "ListForClientlessUsers"

   heading ".ClientlessAccess."

   url-text ".IntranetServer." url-value " "


login-message "testsite"


policy group SecDefaultPolicy

   url-list "ListForClientlessUsers"

   timeout idle 100

   timeout session 36000

default-group-policy SecDefaultPolicy

aaa authentication list sslvpn

gateway RingoGW domain

max-users 2




thank you.

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some weird SSL VPN commands

infatct, I that output is for clientless mode of the ssl vpn.

But please tell me appart from Anyconnect, do you know any other ssl client, compatible with all operating systems, I can configure for my vpn?

because Anyconnect package is not install on my router.

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