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Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

does ASA5520 support policy based routing

how to configure sourece based routing if its possible?


Re: Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

Mohammed, as far as I know the PIX/ASA's does not supports pbr.. if you explain what are you trying to do perhaps there could be other alternatives but as far as pbr configuration is concern in pix/asa it is just not posible.



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Re: Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

I have two IPS's , i want to send some traffic to one ISP and some traffic to other ISP based on source IP Address

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Re: Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

This is possible, but i didnt try thiIs with firewall. I am currently running it on my cisco catalyst switch.

I have two routers connected with two different ISP and with different global Ip address pool.

These two routers inside interface are connected with cisco switch. This switch has the defualt route towards ISP A router.

On this switch i have configured the policy base routing.

route-map PBR permit 10

match ip address ISPB

set ip next-hop ISP B Router

access-list 101 permit ip ISP B global address pool any

By using this PBR, when my pix firewall nat the network into ISP B global IP address, and send it to my catalyst switch. This switch send it

to ISP B Router as per the route map.

Rest of the traffic follows the default route. Bcz switch has the default route towards ISP A Router.

I never try this on firewall, but i think this is possible there also. you connect firewall two interface with two different ISP. Give default route

towards ISP A.

Then nat your one lan subnets into ISP A global address and 2nd lan subnet into ISP B global address.

Make the route map in firewall and set the next hop to ISP B.

make access-list that permits global IP address of ISP B.

Please let me know if that works or not.

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Re: Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

Like someone said before PBR is not supported on ASA or PIX, but you can try configuring multiple context with different Default GWs.

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Re: Source Based Routing at ASA5520?

ASA does not support the policy based routing.

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