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SRP527w concurrent sessions

I have recently managed to configure a setup where I have 2 srp527's one at office one at home.

Have 1 fixed IP at the office and 1 fixed ip at home.

I have configured the srp at work to be a vpn server and have configured the group and 2 user profiles. This allows me to have 2 concurrent sessions over the vpn to my office from desktop and laptop at the same time. Connections fire up perfectly no problems.

From the desktop, I connect using vpn client with user profile 1

Once connected, I then connect to my workstation machine at the office using remote desktop.

This gets me super fast access to office files and large spreadsheets without downloading the whole file over the vpn

and is working perfectly.

Now the odd behaviour.

If I then additionally connect from the laptop using the vpn client with user profile 2 the remote desktop connection drops.

Disconnect the laptop connection, remote desktop comes back.

Have isolated this to being 2 connections arriving at the srp at the office from the same external ip.

If I connect my laptop to my phone as a hotspot rather than using my home LAN, both connections are made and remote desktop has no interruptions.

Is there a way I can overcome this through re-configuration of the srp at the office or is this a limitation with the srp?

Thank you

Community Member

SRP527w concurrent sessions

Can anyone tell me if I've posted my threads in the worng forum here!

was hoping for an acknowledgment of some sort if not a solution to the problem

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