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SSH to ASA using Hostname

I would like to use a host name associated with the enabling of SSH on the outside interface of an ASA5505. The command syntax makes you think it is possible:

xxxxxx-fw1(config)# ssh ?

configure mode commands/options:

Hostname or A.B.C.D The IP address of the host and/or network authorized to

login to the system

The firewall can both resolve and ping the name that I want to use, but when I enter the 'ssh <chosen host name>', I get an error message. Is there some other command needed, or am I missing something here?


Re: SSH to ASA using Hostname

You can add the hostname first using the 'name' command and then put it in the SSH command. To make the configuration more 'readable'.



Community Member

Re: SSH to ASA using Hostname

Thanks for the reply. I had thought of that approach, but my intent is to provide support to a 5505 via my home broadband connection which can periodically change IP address. I have dynamic dns set up here at home, so I thought that the 'ssh hostname' would work to support that scenario.


Re: SSH to ASA using Hostname

You mentioned that you get an "error message". What is the error message? You might have to register your outside address as well so it can be reached via Internet.

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