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SSL VPN examples?

I am in the process of buying some form of simple gateway/firewall box for our network. Our primary needs are basic firewalling and UTM, and usable SSLVPN support. I am currently considering a SA520 or 540 for this role.

I am trying to better understand the SSLVPN side of thing, but have been frustrated at every turn. There is no example system for me to try, and the documentation that I can find is confusing.

Does anyone have an SSLVPN system that they would be willing to allow me to log into? I just want to walk through the login process and into the menus to decide if this is usable for my userbase.

The ultimate goal is to let my users log into our inventory management system from anywhere on any device - which includes iPads.


ps. so far the Cisco experience has been very bad. Marketting material is filled with gobblygook and it seems that every single product is the best and fastest at... something.Trying to find a public VPN required me to call support, which required me to set up an account, which failed repeatedly with a series of error codes. I finally got in, but now as I navigate around the site, including to this page, it continually drops my credentials and I have to log in again. This is not encouraging.

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