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Strange RSA issue


I am trying to have a new VPN profile on a ASA 5520 at one of my remote sites authenticate to an RSA server in our main data center.  The sites are connected via MPLS.  I have set my SDI interface to the MPLS interface, verified the settings in RSA, and verified all the SDI settings.  My issue is everytime I try and do the Auth test with a legit user I recieve:

ERROR: Authenication Server not responding: No Error

I next began checking NATs, and routes and verified all was in place.  I set up a packet capture on my remote office ASA on the MPLS interface, and on the main DS MPLS and inside (where the RSA server resides) interface.  Below is the capture:

Remote office MPLS:

   1: 14:55:06.883209 >  udp 508
   2: 14:55:08.906081 >  udp 508


  1: 14:55:06.884750 >  udp 508
  2: 14:55:08.894729 >  udp 508

Main DS inside:

  1: 14:55:06.884826 >  udp 508
  2: 14:55:08.894729 >  udp 508

So the network is ruled out as I am seeing all the packets at each interface.  When I run a packet tracer fromt he remote office ASA I get the packet dropped due to a configured ACL rule. (the default deny)  However I have a permit IP any any on the MPLS interface, and if the packet were actually getting dropped, then the packets would not show up in the packet capture.

Any ideas?  I am banging my head against a wall here.


Cisco Employee

Re: Strange RSA issue

I'm by no means an epxert on SDI but I would definetly check logs for this agent on RSA side.

Do you already have the *.sdi file donwloaded on your flash? Is the RSA server set or not to send node secret?

Make sure that RSA will use SDI 5.0 or 6.0 to communicate to ASA:

Hope this helps,


Community Member

Re: Strange RSA issue

Thanks for the response, I am off site today, but will check this in the morning and update.

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