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Streaming video over VPN


I got a biiig problem with some of my users.

They are trying to watch live streams from the net, but the stream is apparently being chopped up all the time. There aren’t problems when they watch things on YouTube.
They noticed the problem when they tried to watch a football game from ViaSatOnDemand (Silverlight)

My setup is like this:

Central ASA5540 <-- Site to Site --> Remote ASA5510

The central ASA is connected to a 150mbit connection, running with 8.3(2)

The remote ASA is connected to a satellite connection with 2-3mb, running 8.2(2)4

All traffic has to be send to the central ASA (for scanning and logging of the traffic)

When I look in the remote ASA log it says:

3||49715||80|Built outbound TCP connection 1594954 for outside: ( to inside: (

4||80||49715|Teardown TCP connection 1594954 for outside: to inside: duration 0:00:06 bytes 49916 Flow closed by inspection

Hope that the is a friendly soul out there that can aid me with correction this problem..

Cisco Employee

Re: Streaming video over VPN


I understand that silverlight sends video data within HTTP and not via RSTP or similar (I'm not super-familiar with this tech, yet).

I would check and try disabling http inspection if you have it or RTSP inspection, but one at a time, starting with HTTP.

Check "show run policy-map" to see which inspection engines are configured.


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