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Traffic issues across the VPN

Hello Marcin / experts

Can you please prepare a document on troubleshooting any issue across the VPN (from one ASA to another ASA / router ) which is related to following Or else if you can give a detailed explanation for troubleshooting that will also help.

a) Voice traffic (one way audio or no audio ,  video but not audio i.e basically focussing on SIP/H323 issues ) across the Site to Site VPN , where phone is on one end and Call manager / gateway on another end

1.there are some times issues when there remote access vpn client is initating the voice traffic and it is hitting the headened ASA and then taking a U-turn to hit the call manager / Voice gateway (towards the internet ) it is really difficult to troubleshoot such issues

2. other times the remote access vpn / L2L vpn initates the voice traffic but the voice gateway resides behind another device (ASA2) and the end resource i.e phone is on another (one more site to site terminating ASA headend device ).Such issues are also difficult to troubleshoot

eg:  phone1 ----ASA1----ASA2 (Voice gateway)----ASA3------phone 2

ASA1 has VPN terminated with ASA2 (actual voice gateway) which inturn has VPN with ASA3 where the phone is located

b) delay in the packet across a site to site tunnel .now this is a real issue as captures can only be taken on the inside interface because the outside traffic is encrypted and one cannot determine what happened on the outside interface .

c) to what extent packet tracer is reliable for ASA , as in the vpn issues it doesnot give accurate results with the outside traffic encrypted . is it at all recommended to use the packet tracer for VPN ?


New Member

Traffic issues across the VPN

Hi experts / marcin

can anyone of you let me know about my question related to vpn ?


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