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Traffic Shaping problem in Per Tunnel QoS


I am configuring DMVPN with QoS using Per Tunnel QoS in HUBs.

The fact is that in the Per Tunnel QoS I have two policy-maps correlated. On the first one a class-default shaping the traffic. On the second level some classes with some WFQ policies associated. That is, a classic QoS policy.

The fact is that I have applied the parent policy to the corresponding Spoke group, and no error is shown. When I send the traffic I see that the policy is theoretically  running well, that is, the first level captures all the traffic, and even the second level policies are applied.... But the problem is that the second level policy is applying correctly the pòlicies, but the traffic shaping is not limiting the traffic.

In order to detect if there was any problem in the config, I applied the same parent policy-map without changing anything to a physical interface, running everything OK, both, the WFQ policies, and now also the shaping.

So, something is happening when traffic shaping is applied in Per Tunnel QoS. Might it be a bug? I am using 15.1(1)T and 15.1(2)T1, and in both is the same problem

Thank you!!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Traffic Shaping problem in Per Tunnel QoS

Can you check the 'verification' section of the following document?  Without some 'show' outputs, it's hard to determine what issue you are having:

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