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tunel is up

i configured a gre tunnel site to site and the tunnel is up,but i can't ping each other

the tunnel is OK because I have some routers that are connecting eath other (one ISP ) and some others routers also ping each other (Other Isp ) but i can't ping all together because these two groups are in different ISP ... can anyone tell me how to route these two groups.thank you

Cisco Employee

Can you explain more about

Can you explain more about your issue?.

Am I assuming right that you have GRE tunnel to another router and the tunnel is up but you cant ping the tunnel address?. 


Were you bale to reach the tunnel destination?. (This can be different from the tunnel address). I mean can you ping the address you mentioned in "tunnel destination <>"?.

Per my understanding, the tunnel head end will only check if the destination is available in its local forwarding table. If so, it will bring the tunnel up. You can try enabling keepalive to make sure the tunnel is up only if it destination is reachable.



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