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uncompress vpn tunnels fail after setting up a tunnle with compression

I have an 1841(12.4.3c) and 2801(12.3(14)T4) both with multiple VPNs terminating to it. I added a tunnel between the two with a transform set that had compression all worked fine for about 1hr the one by one the existing no compressed tunnels started to have problems. I found that the uncompress tunnels dropped any packet with a datagram size > 104. Simply Removing the compressed tunnel and transform set didn’t fix the problem. I had to reload the routers. Both the 1841 and 2801 had the issue.

Has anyone else seen this?

I sounds a little like CSCsb42362.

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Re: uncompress vpn tunnels fail after setting up a tunnle with c

I found that everything works if every connection is using a transform set with compression. If a router is configured with out compression connecting to the 2801 or 1841 router that has other connecitons with compression it then seems to compress the packets to everywhere regurdless if the transform set calls for it. Thus only packets small enough not to qualify for compression are passed.

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