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Video stream over DMVPN tunnel

I am building a DMVPN network with 892SFP routers at the spokes and ASR 1002-X at the hubs. There is a MS Link deployment coming that has me concerned. Is anyone out there supporting Video streaming over DMVPN or any other IPSec tunnels? Should I be concerned about performance running this inside my tunnels?

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I know this two years old but

I know this two years old but did you ever find a solution?


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No, we haven't implemented

No, we haven't implemented this. Have you?

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We are in the POC stage.

We are in the POC stage. Trying to figure out how to stream RTP sessions over DMVPN using GRE. Did you ever reach the POC stage? How far into the project did you go?

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We are using DMVPN at 4000

We are using DMVPN at 4000 sites currently and it is working extremely well. We have not done any real-time on DMVPN, only interactive data. Another business unit is deploying VoIP phones, however largely untested. Depending on your implementation, I would use a test center and measure jitter and latency first, spoke to spoke routing (phase 3) multicast routing and SIP control channels, in that order. I have not heard anything that would lead me to believe it would not work. We recently had scalability issues with PSK rotation for security compliance, I would recommend PKI for a large implementation. Best of luck, Brian

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PFR v3 may be something to

PFR v3 may be something to consider as well.


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Per tunnel QoS is a must as

Per tunnel QoS is a must as well.

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