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VPN 3000 automated client update

We are using clientes ranging from 3.6.3 to Is there a procedure out there for turning on the the client update so that there is no user interaction required including copying a new pcf file?


Re: VPN 3000 automated client update

The VPN 3000 Concentrator sends a separate notification message for each entry in a Client Update list. Therefore, your client update entries must not overlap. For example, the value Windows includes all Windows-based platforms, and the value WinNT includes Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista platforms. So you would not include both Windows and WinNT. To find out the client types and version information, click on the lock icon at the top left corner of the VPN Client main window and choose About VPN Client. Use the Client Update procedure as mentioned in the below URL at the VPN 3000 Concentrator to configure a client notification:

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Re: VPN 3000 automated client update

Thanks, I have the notification configured, what I would like to do is create a silent install with an individual pcf file. I saw this info but am unclear what is meant by "VPN client software files" is that the self extracting zip? do I need to copy the pcf file to the profiles directory and re-zip? create an msi? Also what is "the bundled software" referred to in step 2?

Distribution with the VPN Client Software

If the vpnclient.ini file is bundled with the VPN Client software when it is first installed, it automatically configures the VPN Client during installation. You can also distribute the profile files (one .pcf file for each connection entry) as preconfigured connection profiles for automatic configuration.

To distribute preconfigured copies of the VPN Client software to users for installation, perform the following steps:


Step 1 Copy the VPN Client software files from the distribution CD-ROM into each directory where you created an vpnclient.ini (global) file and separate connection profiles for a set of users.

Step 2 Prepare and distribute the bundled software.

CD-ROM or network distribution: Be sure the vpnclient.ini file and profile files are in the same directory with all the CD-ROM image files. You can have users install from this directory through a network connection; or you can copy all files to a new CD-ROM for distribution; or you can create a self-extracting ZIP file that contains all the files from this directory, and have users download it, and then install the software.

Step 3 Supply users with any other necessary configuration information and instructions. See Chapter 2 of the VPN Client User Guide for your platform.

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