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VPN 3005 Internal Website

I have a VPN 3005. Users either use the webvpn client or the cisco software client to vpn into our local lan. I on the webvpn home page I have added a link to an internal web server that is running a site that was written in .net and uses java and frames once a user logs into the website. The issue I am having is once the user logs into the site sucessfully, all that is being loaded is a banner on the top of the page. The page that should be loaded is a page using frames and java script. The same thing happens if the user vpn's using the Cisco software client. I do not have any content filter parameters enable within webvpn configuration on the 3005.

Now, if I terminate a vpn connection on my pix, open a browser, I am able to login an access the internal website without an issue. So, the issue seems to be with the concentrator.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



Re: VPN 3005 Internal Website

Hi Jim,

am not really sure if the vpn concentrator will block these things.. anyway, is the pix before or after ur concentrator ? incase it is after ur concentrator, are u sure you have opened appropriate ports for java script/perl (if any)... i hope the pix isnt blocking anything...

when the vpn terminates on the pix, the outside access-list does not come into picture, as the user is already connected on vpn, and is virtually inside the firewall..

does this make sense ?

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Re: VPN 3005 Internal Website

Thanks for the reply. Yes, what you are saying makes sense. The pix is after the concentrator and all appropriate ports are opened on the pix. Thanks for your assistance.


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