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VPN and Logging solution for the remote users VPN

The following is the RFP from one of my customer.Please any one could provide the solution .

I wold select ASA 5500 series for the VPN then what cisco product to choose for the Remote user logging and cetral database storage ofthe users details.

1. Remote Connection

VPN solution will be used soley to give external employees access to ous external and internal network resources over the Internet as if they were physically resident in the office.

2. Virtual Network Policies

Successful connections will reside on a separate virtual network that can have different policies than our internal network (ie. checking for latest antivirus version, existence of client firewall, authorized applications, etc?)

3. Supported Applications

Remote users must be able to access our internal web-based applications, File Servers, Remote Desktop Connection to internal servers, Ping servers, and telneting into UNIX servers.

4. Logging

- The ability to log the details of remote connections such as: username, connection date/time, source IP, protocol used, application name, connection length, etc?

- To store logs in a central event database for all the activities done by the remote users.

- Basic reporting feature to view all historical logs in a readable format.

5. Security Permissions

Ability to differentiate between different types of administration (ie. Report viewing only, full administration privilege).

6. Needed Users License

Initially, only 25 named users OR 15 concurrent users licenses will be needed for remote connections with potential for at least 100 named users.

6. management console of the VPN solution ---Cisco Security Manager ?

The below is my comments on this RFP

I need to know the product for taking detailed logging as given in item no 4.

Please tell us the security product to propose. I believe that ASA5500 VPN edition would do the above functions. For monitoring the logging in users and storing them in central event database which product of Cisco could be proposed.

What about CSM for the ASA vpn to monitor the remote vpn users. What should we use for central event database?

Please i looking forward your reply since the last date for the proposal submission is due this week.

Your earlier reply is highly appriciated.




Re: VPN and Logging solution for the remote users VPN

For Central event database Cisco ACS is the best suite. CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution (VMS) also help to monitor the remote vpn user.

Try these links:

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Re: VPN and Logging solution for the remote users VPN

Thanks for yr reply.

One thing to ask u about the CSM (Cisco Security Manager). Is it possible to use CSM in place of VMS for my requirement to meet?


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