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VPN AnyConnect Client - XP (x64)

Hi everyone!

I've recently been using the VPN Client 5.0, when I want to connect to the network at my workplace.

With a simple .pcf-file imported, and a click later I've been able to access the files I've been in need of.

Really nice application in my opinion and the other users at my company, who wants to work from their homes seems to like the application alot.

After an upgrade from XP (x86) -> XP (x64) on my computer, Cisco staff told me that I now need the application: VPN AnyConnect Client

I was told this is because the application I used to be running before (Cisco VPN 5.0) doesn't work with XP (x64).

So I downloaded this client and started it, though it seems like I can't do much more than specifying an ip-adress to connect to.

I can't find any preference-tab and I can't understand how to import my .PCF-file with the application VPN AnyConnect Client.

I was hoping to find some answers after a search on google, but sadly without any luck.

Am I misunderstanding the meaning of this application? Can't you use VPN AnyConnect to access a network through a .PCF-file?

What choices do I have, if I want this function with my XP (x64)? Do I need to download some package-addons or anything like that?

Thanks a lot for any answers.


Patrik Andersson

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Re: VPN AnyConnect Client - XP (x64)

Well, the AnyConnect client is not based on ipsec, as the previous client

you used. Its based on ssl/certificates, which means that you have to

create a new remote access on your vpn box, that supports ssl, not ipsec.

The AnyConnect client, as far as i know, does not support importing pcf files

that are ipsec based profiles.

Ipsec on x64, means 3rd party solutions. Like NCP secure client. Cisco does

not have a vpn client for ipsec connections on this platform.


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