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VPN between two 800 series routers


I've been put in charge of something I've never done before and was wondering if anyone could help.

What I'm doing is trying to connect a 871 router (with advipservices) to our existing VPN router to get a new remote office to work. I've got a little networking background, but most of my experience is in the extreme world, so I'm a little green when it comes to Cisco stuff.

Anyway, the current VPN router is up and it has four VPN's going to it (see command below)

sh crypto isakmp sa


dst             src             state          conn-id slot status

136.x.x.x  206.x.x.x QM_IDLE           1011    0 ACTIVE

136.x.x.x  208.x.x.x   QM_IDLE           1005    0 ACTIVE

136.x.x.x  97.x.x.x   QM_IDLE           1001    0 ACTIVE

136.x.x.x  216.x.x.x  QM_IDLE           1006    0 ACTIVE

I'm trying to add a new VPN from a new DSL connection. The phone company came and installed the DSL on Friday and I was able to assign it a static address we got from the phone company and get on the internet.

I've been fiddling around with the config settings and have gotten to the point where I was able to ping internal network address by IP but not by name (and our Cisco IP phones weren't working), but now I've managed to mess all that up.

Anyway, I've got all of the other configs and I'm trying to figure out where I'm going wrong, but would anyone be able to guide me in the right direction. Right now, when I'm on the new VPN and I do a sh crypto isakmp sa, I get the proper destination and source, but a MM_NO_STATE under the status. I can post some config files tomorrow but any help or at least direction would be greatly appreciated.

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VPN between two 800 series routers

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