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VPN Client and Apple iMac Problem

I have installed successfully the CISCO VPN client 4.9.01 0080 on my Apple iMac OS X 10.4.10.

I launch the client without problems, i connect to my CISCO VPN 3000 concentrator, but when i'm connected to VPN i cannot access my remote network nor internet, seems that i loss all routes.

When i close the connection to VPN i can't access internet as usual.

Any idea?

Thanks for your help

Community Member

Re: VPN Client and Apple iMac Problem

When you launch the SGM client, the GTT Configurator, or the Event Configurator, or when you connect to a new server (whether manually or automatically as the result of a server failure), you might receive the following message:

This client is not allowed to connect to the server or the server is listening on a port the client does not know about or cannot reach. Click the help button for a more detailed explanation

1. An SGM administrator has prevented your SGM client from connecting to the SGM server, using the sgm ipaccess command.

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