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VPN Client cannot access the remote LAN via VPN3005

I have a VPN3005 running 4.7 software and I configured a simple network to it. I have a public address to the internet and a private address to the inside. I followed the sample configuration in Cisco's website to configure an IPSEC VPN client to the VPN3000. It works fine, however once I am connected using the VPN client software, I am assigned an IP address from the pool from the VPN3005 but I am unable to ping any other address except myself (pool address)I want to ping all the addresses on the remote side. I added static routes to he VPN3005 and applied them but with no luck.Also I am not using a firewall in my network. Just a router with no ACL's applied.. My question(s): Is their a URL that can help me out with this config? Has anyone had this same issue. I have read some previous postings and see everyone with the same problem is using a firewall. I'm thinking my issue is routing related, however I have not nailed it down yet.....Any suggestions on where to look????

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Re: VPN Client cannot access the remote LAN via VPN3005


As I got through your explanation is you have a router and concentrator connected to Internet. Your Internal network's default gateway is your router. If this is the case, then you have to make one static route on your router for VPN user's assigned network. This route should forword the traffic to vpn concentrator's inside interface.

You dosen't require any special route on concentrator, only default should sufficient.

Is your network look like below?



VPN Concentrator ----------- Router


Local LAN



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