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VPN client connected but not passing traffic


I am having a forest and trees problem here I guess.

I had vpn access working at one point with local authentication. I could access everything on the inside. I then add RSA authentication and upgraded my client to version 4.8

Now for some reason, I can't access anything on the local network. I tried with my profile that uses local authentication that had worked previously and it does not work either.

I am attaching the "cleaned" config.

Can someone please help me find the forest in all the trees


New Member

Re: VPN client connected but not passing traffic

you are having problem with split tunneling.

As i can see your configuration, it is showing me that you have this statement

split-tunnel-policy tunnelall

you need the change to tunnel specific networks and make an access-list for networks that you want to access and call this access-list in group policy.

suppose you want to access subnet that is located behind the vpn device.

make an access-list split extended permit ip any

split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified

split-tunnel-network-list value split

try this disconnet the client and again connecti and it will difinately work, if still have the problem let me, and please rate the post

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Re: VPN client connected but not passing traffic

Sorry your solution does not work either.

I do not want split tunneling, I want to tunnel everything. I tried your suggestion and configured the split tunnel and I can not access anything when connected, outside or inside. I am beginning to think there is a bug in the firewall code version 7.2(3)

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Re: VPN client connected but not passing traffic

strange, i am currently running the split tunneling same configuration and it is working for me.

I have a firewall with 7.2(3)8 IOS and I have found a bug but that was that with dhcprelay not split tunneling.

cisco tac is still fix up the bug. U can chang the IOS and then try.

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Re: VPN client connected but not passing traffic

Interesting that I just deleted all vpn config and then put it back using the gui same as before and I have access using my locally authenticated account again. I built the tunnel for the RSA authenticated users, but I don't have the token available to test it at the moment. But point is, I have basically the same exact config minus two test tunnels and I have vpn access. Not sure what got hosed but I suspect some sort of bug. Thanks for your help

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