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VPN Client connectivity Issue

I have several users with the Cisco VPN client ( that connect to my ASA5540 (code 8.02). They get connected to the ASA fine but can not access any network resources that are at the VPN site. If they uninstall the Cisco client and re-install our old Nortel client (on the same machine) they can access all of the network resources fine. It is not the Cisco VPN client as the same software works on multiple other client workstations and the same ASA5540.


Re: VPN Client connectivity Issue

How are you making the Nortel client to connect to the ASA? Or what you mean is that both vpn client and/or nortel client go through this ASA5540? Can you post the VPN Server configuration? When you use the vpn client are you aware if NAT T is enabled on the vpn server?

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Re: VPN Client connectivity Issue

What I meant by the Nortel VPN statement was that the user can use the Nortel VPN client and connect to our old Nortel box (which we are trying to migrate users off of) fine. When she uses our Cisco VPN client, she can connect to the ASA5540 but can not access anything on our network. The same VPN client is used by all of our company. I have about 10-12 users all with this same problem. Some have Vista but most have XP. I will attach a config of the ASA in the morning and check the NAT-T config as I don't remember.

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