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VPN client drops host entry

Using Cisco VPN client v4.8.00.0440 (potentially newer versions too) I am hearing of users having a problem where the Host entry in their profile is "disapearing" but the rest of the profile details remain in place. This seems to be a very random problem, occuring maybe 1 in 10 conenction attempts. When the host entry is missing, the user can modify and save the profile and it will remain intact for an indefinite period. Then one time they will open the VPN client and it won't connect because of the missing host again. We haven't been able to determine any pattern or simlar conditions when this occurs for various users.

New Member

Re: VPN client drops host entry


We have exactly same problem at our company, one or two time per month the host entry disappear on the user laptop. we are using the latest version of Cisco VPN client ( 5.0.07).

Would be great if someone who has resolved this issue could tell me the solutions/workaround.


Cisco Employee

Re: VPN client drops host entry

can you go to the latest vpn client

do you observe any pattern with respect to OS or any changes, anything that you think might be of some help

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