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VPN client error 56 on Vista Business

i installed multiple times with different versions of VPN client on my vista business (IBM x61). i keep having problem to start the vpn client. sometime i can, sometimes i cannot.

error 56.


Re: VPN client error 56 on Vista Business

you may want to do a search on main forum or google on error 56 to find a solid fix for issue, I have seen this report like yours mostly in systems runing vista OS so it seems the common denominator may not be cisco vpn client but vista itself, I would suggest to goodle this error and see what other have done to get by.

here is one thread found in google

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Re: VPN client error 56 on Vista Business

A coleague found this script to recreate the service and solve this problem. The VPN Client worked fine after run this script.


@echo off
echo *********************************
echo  Installing Cisco VPN Service
echo *********************************

sc stop cvpnd
sc delete cvpnd
sc create cvpnd binPath= "%PROGRAMFILES%\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "Cisco VPN Service" depend= DNE
sc start cvpnd

Re: VPN client error 56 on Vista Business

I have multiple issues with Cisco client and Vista os , i have contacted cisco TAC and Microsoft. Then saw the blame game among the industry leaders and had no help. since then i have been using the free ware vpn client ( compatible with cisco and understands pcf files as well ) . try using shrewsoft vpn client from It also works perfectly with vista/ win7 64 bit edition.

hope it helps


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VPN client error 56 on Vista Business

  1. Revise all network connections, even unused ones, to make sure sharing is disabled
  2. In services administration, make sure "Internet Connection Sharing" is set to manual.
  3. Restart PC
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