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VPN Client for OSX (WRVS4400N)


I purchased the WRVS4400N VPN router for my work, hoping to be able to integrate into our network.

My main problem is it seems that there is no way to connect as a client (with a .pem certificate) on OSX, which many of our employees use.

I have connected through a custom tunnel using IPSecuritas, but using tunnels limits the router to only 5 VPN users/connections.

If there is ANY solution for connecting to this router with Mac OSX 10.5.x and utilizing the client-based approach (username/pass and .pem certificate, as opposed to tunnels), I would love to hear it.

If there is no solution, but if Cisco is planning an upcoming release or beta of a QuickVPN client for OSX, I would also love to know, as this would solve the problem too.



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Re: VPN Client for OSX (WRVS4400N)

I would ask over at the Linksys forums but this is the v2 version of the router

with no Linksys branding, I should be able to get an answer here, right?

Just answer "no" for no OSX version of QuickVPN planned EVER, "yes" for something in the pipe, or "maybe" if you want to be a tease.

On a related note, I hear a Windows 7 QuickVPN might be coming out in February? Call me crazy, but it's kind of wacky that you guys shipped this router with only Windows XP (maybe Vista, I haven't tried) VPN capabilities. Other than the 5 tunnels, that is. I know this is a very entry level business class router (it really doesn't seem business class, but it says so right on the box!), but it also says VPN right on the box.

Thanks again!

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