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VPN client inconsistent SBL

We are having inconsistent results with VPN client on XP SP2 fully patched box inconsistently doing start before login. Sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't. Has anyone else seen this?? Things to look for or troubleshooting advice is also welcome.


Re: VPN client inconsistent SBL

This seems to be windows problem. Disable fast boot on windows which causes vpn client to initialize before the networking system is loaded by the windows. Following link may help you

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Re: VPN client inconsistent SBL

Thanks, We have looked at this to no avail. We are seeing this issue on machines connected to the domain and machines not connected to domain. When attached to the domain that option is disabled by default. Also we have a GPO forcing that option to wait for the network. Changing that option in the local policies does not affect the problem. This is an inconsistent problem. If you reboot 20 times, the VPN gui might start 19 times. Then sometimes it might not come up for 2 boots. Is there any way to see if something is interfering with the startup? Are there additional troubleshooting tools for this? Process explorer vomits too much information and doesn't appear to show me anything helpful."

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