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VPN Client Profile push

I believe the answer to my question is "It can't be done". However, Cisco VPN has evolved a bit since I worked with their newer stuff. So, here goes the question.

We have a few hundred remote-access users who use the Cisco VPN Client installed on their laptops. The VPN servers are Cisco VPN 3000 concentrators. The host in the profiles is defined using a hostname (e.g. This works fine as we publish the name on the internet DNS.

We need to move away from the domain name. As such, the new VPN host name will be It will resolve to the same IP as the previous hostname. Is there a way to push a VPN client profile with a new name to the remote users?

I do not think so, but was wondering if there was something new developed that would enable this.



Re: VPN Client Profile push

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Re: VPN Client Profile push

Thanks for taking time to answer my query.

I do not see any way you can push the change of the VPN server IP or hostname to the remote clients.

Are you referencing something that I do not know? Because I have read this admin guide page-to-page.

Re: VPN Client Profile push


You should be able to create a new profile for the new name and push this to clients using automatic update. Clients should have 2 connection entries after that, the old connection and the new connection. Users use the new connection after conversion date. If you follow that guide, should be doable.

Hope this helps



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