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VPN Client Saved Password Removal

Hope you can help

I have installed my corporate VPN Client v4.9.01.0180 on the Mac - and it asked me to enter the username and password - I entered the password, and ticked the "Save Password" box - but I must have accidentally got one of the characters in the password wrong or something because it won't connect. I am trying to remove the option of the software remembering the password so I can re-enter it, but I cannot seem to do it

When you right-click the connection entry, the option "erase saved user password" is greyed-out and when you go into the modify screen.

I tried removing the client using the mac terminal - and the sudo ./vpn_uninstall command as detailed on the Cisco website, and re-installing, but it still seems to recognise that the software has been installed before, and picks up the previous settings / profile.

I tried going through all my hidden files on my HDD and removing them all and using AppCleaner - nothing I do seems to make a difference

I even tried removing the connection entry - then re-installing so it can install a new one - and it still doesn't seem to make any difference

Anyone got any suggestions please?



Cisco Employee

Re: VPN Client Saved Password Removal

Look for the *.PCF files, then search for your connection entry among those files. If your connection name was "office" then there will be a PCF file named 'office.pcf'. You should have an entry there 'save-password=' remove the RHS value.

Try it.

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