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VPN Client through a vpn tunnel? problems.


I've got a main site, this site uses a pix to protect from the internet. Also on this main site is another pix which connects/protects the site from the WAN. We have a remote site, also with a pix protecting from the internet. We have created a site to site ipsec tunnel between the main office internet pix and the remote office internet pix. Now, a client at the remote office needs to use a VPN client to connect to some vpn server on the WAN of the main through the vpn tunnel, and out the pix at the main site protecting from WAN and into some vpn server. From the remote site to the main lan, no problems, full communication, but when the user tries their vpn client, no luck. Is there some issue with using a vpn client THROUGH a vpn tunnel. I'm 99% sure that all of my nat and crypto lists are ok...thanks for any help.



Re: VPN Client through a vpn tunnel? problems.

vpn client through a lan-lan vpn will work fine, except more overheads.

you mentioned the remote vpn client was attempting to connect to a vpn server behind the main site wan pix. with this pix, is there any inbound access regarding passing through the remote vpn access?

e.g. an inbound acl is required in permitting the followings:

udp 500

udp 4500

esp 50

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