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vpn client to vpn client

My customer have PIX515E as the vpn server, and have many remote users over the Internet.

So, users vpn in to outside interface.

We as the hosting company, we have another PIX attached to customer network, outside is customer, inside is us. This PIX protect our site of the network from customer.

We vpn client in to our PIX (to inside interface).

Issue is we can't remote control customer remote users (users vpn to cusomer PIX over the internet) from our PC (when we vpn in to out PIX)

We can remore control any server/desk top in there network, even PC/servers in the remote office(conenct through site-to-site VPN)

Is this a PIX limitation,

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Re: vpn client to vpn client

If I'm understanding the question correctly, then you have a default gateway issue. Remote devices must have either a manual route or the default routed device must know the route back to the device originating packets.

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Re: vpn client to vpn client

it was some what similar, customer have many vpn groups, some of the vpngroups has split tunnel ACL, and that ACL didn't had a entry for our vpn IP pool, that's why traffic was not returned.

Issue solved

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