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VPN Concentrator and Zone Alarm Intergrity Server

Dear all,

I have a customer who uses a ZA Intergrity server behind their vpn 3005 to download security policies to vpn clients. They recently upgraded the vpn concentrator from version 4.0.4 to 4.7.2. Since then, the concentrator to Server link appears to be broken, although it is possible to ping between the two devices. The 3005 logs state "Integrity Firewall Server not available". The config of the concentrator seems to be okay:

Servers - Firewall:

Zone Labs Integrity Servers - <correct ip addr>

Failure Policy - permit

Server Port - 5054 (no change since upgrade)

SSL Client Authentication - not required

User Manager - Groups - Client FW tab

Firewall Setting - required

Firewall - Zone Labs Integrity ( tried setting to 'Custom Firewall' - Vendor '2' product '3' , config resets to Zone LAbs Integrity)

Firewall Policy - Policy from Server

I was wonder if if anyone else has encountered this problem and has a fix?

Many thanks in advance,



Re: VPN Concentrator and Zone Alarm Intergrity Server

I am not sure why this must happen. Does 4.7.2 use a different port to communitcate with Zone Labs sever? Any thoughts?

New Member

Re: VPN Concentrator and Zone Alarm Intergrity Server

Thanks for your reply.

My customer has two VPN concentrators, only one has been upgraded. I had them check the port on the VPNC still running 4.0.4 and compare with VPNC upgraded to 4.7.2. They were both set to 5054.


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