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VPN connection possible with iTap RDP using 4150L mifi and RVO82 through PPTP??

Alrighty, I feel like a little fish in the big ocean posting here, but I posted the following on the verizon support pages and it was suggested I try here as well.  If anyone can be of help, it would be much appreciated. I can try to get you any additional information you might need, but I may need directions on how to get it for you.  Thank you, thank you!

Hello, let me first apologize if  this information is already "out there" some place.  I have been looking  and have just not found out whether it is possible to make this work or  not.  Background information, have had the 4150L for probably about a  year and haven't had a bit of trouble with it.  I just updated the  firmware this morning and it still seems to be working great.  This is  the first upgrade I have ever done to it.  Anyway, what I am trying to  accomplish, I have discovered that I can remotely connect to my office  computer through my iPad using itap RDP and a VPN connection.  I have  already been able to use itap RDP in the office to show patients their  x-rays etc... on the iPad.  I have a cisco RVO82 router and my office  software suggests the use of a PPTP VPN to connect remotely.  I have  checked all the settings and I have everything set as described.  The  iPad shows a VPN connection icon but when I try to connect to my  computer, I get a TCP error.  From what I have read, some people are  able to connect via VPN on the 4150L and others are not.  I cannot tell  exactly how they are doing it.  I read the double NAT stuff and am not  sure if that is what my problem is, or if this is just not possible to  do given my system.  I am happy to try and get any other information you  would, but you will probably have to tell me how to get it.  I do  appreciate any suggestions you may have, or, if I just can't do this,  thanks for reading.


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Re: VPN connection possible with iTap RDP using 4150L mifi and R

Hi Chris,

not sure what an 4150L is exactly but in any case, since the RV series are part of the "Small Business" range of Cisco products, I suggest moving this post or re-posting in the forum, and clarifying whether you are actually trying to set up a VPN from this4150L  device to your RV082, or from your iPad to your RV082?

good luck


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