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VPN Connectivity Issue


Our customer is complaining with his VPN connectivity, "During travel, I often have issues with the VPN connection. It often disconnects and then cannot connect again. I sometimes find that I have to shut my laptop down and reboot before it works again. When in the UK it may be due to the portable modem, however I notice it still does it when I connect to a normal wifi connection. In Germany I connected through hardwire landline but it often still disconnects."

But checking the Cisco ASA FW, other users our connected for long period of time already & even my own VPN connection is working fine. Is there any other things that we need to look into the VPN Network to further isolate the issue. As we are suspecting it could be the internet connection problem but he's saying that he tried to connect to different internet mediums still the same problem persist.


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VPN Connectivity Issue


I would ask the user (if possible) to test connectivity with another computer/laptop for a period of time since the common factor in the problems seems to be the actual device rather than any WAN connection the user uses to connect with the VPN.

You could also consider a clean/fresh install of the VPN Client software for this user.

I would also check the logs for the reason his VPN connections are brought down and why the new connection fails.

If you are using Cisco IPsec VPN client then I would suggest moving into AnyConnect.

- Jouni

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VPN Connectivity Issue


What is important to know is the type of connection used, is it IPsec VPN Client or Anyconnect? With IPsec client will be necessary to collect logs to verify the reason why it gets disconnected

VPN Client - Log - Log settings > You can set them to 3 to have everything going

VPN Client -  Log - Log window > To gather everything

Logs on the ASA are useful as well (Please consider a Syslog server)

If the problem  is with Anyconnect, please verify if this is regular connection or if Always on is being used, Always on should mantain the connection when the user logs in and when we lose it they will continually try to connect

If the problem persists you will need to gather the Dart file


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