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VPN fail over on seperate mpls networks

I have the following setup.

3 Lokations, at each location i have a ASA .

I have 2 MPLS networks.. each on its own subnet.

I would like to have VPN between all of the ASA´s

that is instead of routing on the mpls, i have the VPN do the routing.

I would like to have the VPN do a fail over to the other MPLS net, if one fails. Or just have loadballance on the 2, so both is up at once.. giving me the full speed of both.

As the MPLS net have different subnets, i have the MPLS nets on each own Interface on the ASA.

I all so need Static nat from one net to other side of VPn tunnel. (and this is set on a interface where vpn is setup) How do i get this to use the vpn that is up?

Short.. is it possible to make vpn on different interfaces route to same ip net on other side of vpn.?

I have tried using SLA to track the first mpls.. and then switch over to sec route if it fails.. but becouse route switches to new interface, i cannot see when first comes up again, and so it never fails back.


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Re: VPN fail over on seperate mpls networks

Can you provide a network diagram?

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