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VPN ipsec client to asa 5510 slow file transfer

Hello all...hope you can assist...

I have our company ASA 5510 set up with ipsec vpn client configured.

Remote users connect using either the 64bit Windows Cisco VPN client.

A ping to our internal data server from a remote client is typically 60ms.

Our corporate circuit to the Internet is a 10Mb symmetrical circuit.

Our home users typically have 8Mb BT broadband lines.

When a user tries to transfer a file across the vpn the typical transfer rate is around 400-500Kbps.

I have ftp'd a file out (bypassing the vpn) and see rates of around 900Kbps.

Does this seem reasonable/normal?

I have investigated QoS, mtu etc with no clues as to why this rate is so low.

Would anyone have any suggestions or comments?

Many thanks, Neil

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