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VPN modified Anyconnect program issues

Hi Experts.

This is Moon Seok Kim from Korea.

Could you give me an idea for our customer ask?

1. Problem Description

 - Our customer is using a modified anyconnect program based on 3.0.10057 for their environment.

 - When using this program, customer found high memory usage on their client devices by a stopStats() function.

 - Customer's development engineer disabled that function on a client problem.

 - After that, High memory usage was decreased on their client devices.

 - So, Customer asked some questions regarding this issue.

2. Customer's Ask

 - What's the stopStats() function  role on a client program ?

 - Why was increased memory usage by  this function on a client device ?

 - If this function was disabled, there is a possibility to be affected on vpn services? 

 - Client program sometimes sent a WPF error messages as a attached file, however customer didn't want to send error messages.

   Are there any ways to stop sending those error messages on a client program?


Thanks & Regards





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