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Vpn Route in Rv082

                 I have a network with address behind a firewall and another network behind another firewall. The two routers ( and are cisco rv082 and rv042 routers. The VPN is corretly configured, because i can ping from 192.168.100.x to and from to, but i can't ping from 192.168.100.x to and vice versa.

When the package pass by the router, the router redirect it to internet, not to vpn tunnel.


Someone knows how can i configure the router ( to send the packages directed to network go to gateway

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Vpn Route in Rv082

Come on, guys, nobody can help?

The information in manual is:

Enter the following data to create a static route entry:
1. Destination LAN IP: Enter the network address of the remote LAN segment.

2. Subnet Mask: Enter the Subnet Mask used on the destination LAN IP domain.

3. Default Gateway IP: If this Router is used to connect your network to the Internet, then your Gateway IP is the Router's IP Address. If you have another router handling your network's Internet connection, enter the IP Address of that router instead.  In this field the gateway in my opinion must be, but i tried with too.
4. Enter hop count (max. 15):This value gives the number of nodes that a data packet passes through before reaching its destination.  15

5. Interface:  (LAN, WAN1, WAN2/DMZ) Interface tells you whether your network is on the LAN or the WAN,  or the Internet. If you’re connecting to a sub-network. Select LAN. If you’re connecting to another network through the Internet, select WAN.  WAN cause ipsec1 is not avaiable.

Doesn't matter what i put in fields, the routing table is not changed.

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