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VPN Scenario…is it possible ????!!!!!

Dear all

I have the following situation to implement but I don’t know if it possible or not and the scenario as follows:

I have a Cisco ASA 5510 with base license and 2 different ISPs  I want to connect the 1 ISP on the outside interface and the 2nd ISP on a DMZ  and there is 1 inside interface is it possible to make all users to surf the internet from outside and to terminate a site-to-site VPN on the DMZ (with real ip address) to access other remote site


and that’s all

And thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN Scenario…is it possible ????!!!!!

Hello Amer,

Yes the scenario you are trying is possible.

1. For Internet traffic and remote access vpn originating from inside your network to outside

route outside 0 0

pointing towards ISP 1.

2. Whereas for all the site 2 site vpn you would require to put static route for remote peer and remote internal network through DMZ interface

for eg :

route DMZ a.a.a.a    ( where a.a.a.a is remote peer)

route DMZ x.x.x.x mask < next hop > ( where x.x.x.x is remote internal network required to be accessed)

Note : for all the remote access vpn terminating on your firewallto access internal network use

route DMZ y.y.y.y mask ( where y.y.y.y is the ip pool of the remote access vpn)


Kumar Gaurav

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