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VPN seems to work in one direction

I have an issue that I am running out of ideas on trying to solve. It may be an issue of "not seeing the trees for the forest" and looking at it for so long and it may be just the way that it is. I just need to come up with an answer.

I have a location that is using DSL to make a LAN-to-LAN connection back to a 3005 concentrator. The connection is working well and they are able to access servers such as e-mail or our ERP system (via telnet) just fine. The issue that I have is that I cannot connect to the router or any devices that is attached to this network. I cannot even ping the router or devices on this network. If I do a trace route it seems to die at the concentrator. I have other locations that aure using a LAN-to-LAN connection and can access and ping the router and devices just fine. I have complared the router configs and they are pretty much the same. I have attached a copy of the config of the router in question. They were once connected via cellular but have upgraded to the DSL they use today for a connection medium.

I have the class C they are using broken up into several smaller VLANs but only have the Class C defined in the tunnel configuration. Could that be causing my odd issue? I figure I should at least be able to ping them if they can ping me right?

Thoughts / Questions / Thanks in advance ..... 


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