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vpn service not available

Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client version 3.1.05160 tried to update to release 3.1.06073 and users get "VPN service not available" and/or Failed to download AnyConnect Secure Moblity Client 3.1.06073.  A VPN connection cannot be established.  We remove and reinstall client and it occurs again. The way we are removing is add/remove and remove the three components (the reporting tool, secure mobility client and start before login moduel), then we if we only delete afterwards c:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco sub-folders the issue would return so after removal we started to do the following removal steps.

  1. Delete the following sub-folders:
    C:\Users\”users NOVELL ID”\AppData\Local\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
    C:\Users\”user’s NOVELL ID”\AppData\Local\Cisco\Cisco HostScan
  2. Remove all files except for the one file; AnyConnectLocalPolicy.xml from:
    C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

some of the contents we see:

!    cci: !NCI: Op=BIND, Layer=NDIS, Upper=Tcpip6 Lower=\Device\{BF713594-C8D6-43C2-9951-6916D089CBEF}, Error=00000019

!    cci: !NCI: Op=BIND, Layer=NDIS, Upper=TCPIP6TUNNEL Lower=\Device\{132B16EE-6BB0-4EE5-B92E-FBDE80AB2E48}, Error=0000001f

!    cci: !NCI: Op=UNBIND, Layer=NDIS, Upper=TCPIP6TUNNEL Lower=\Device\{01194153-4E3A-44B1-805F-B3BE1FC11B02}, Error=00000002

Attached is the Dartbundle troubleshooting zip file.

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1/5/15 - same users (about 3)

1/5/15 - same users (about 3) same vpn service not available issue again:

we have cisco anyconnect secure mobility cient 3.1.06073 and a few users with windows 7 sp1 have repeat vpn service not started issues when trying to connect to the client.  We reinstalling removing the left behind cisco folders before reinstalling and it occurs again.  We see symantec reporting blocks on vpnagent.exe, cscan.exe, vpnui.exe which shows up on affected and non-affected machines but this is all we had to try to resolve.  Windows firewall looked good.  if it was a firewall issue (Symantec or windows firewall) we would have more users affected, but we don't  what is breaking the client we wonder? 

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i can confirm the same

i can confirm the same trouble with 3.1.06073 version of anyconnect client. Did you found a solution for the problem? We reverted to older 3.1.05170 and the problem did not appear again.

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We rolled back as well since

We rolled back as well since reinstall was temporary fix.  We are 3.1.05160 again since 3.1.06073 has a proxy pac bug which appears as root cause to vpn service not available with 3.1.06073.  There were 2 other versions Cisco stated had similar bug.

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