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VPN site-to -site issue between a router and an ASA 5510



I'm facing for an issue. I configure a Site-to SIte VPN.  On the first Site, I have an ASA 5510 with 9.1.4 and on second a router .

The tunnel is up when I initiate traffic from the site which have the ASA but when I initiate the traffic from the site with the router the tunnel is down

I'm doing debug isakmp and ipsec  on the router and when the tunnel is up, it show all steps (phase1 and phase2). But when I'm initiate traffic from the network behind the router, it show me nothing. The access-list on the ASA is permit any any and the sysopt connection vpn is enabled. I don't know what is problem. All configurations are matching between the two sites.


Any suggestions are welcome and thanks for your future helps




check if there is any vpn

check if there is any vpn filter configured under your L2L group-policy on ASA.

group-policy filter internal
group-policy filter attributes
 vpn-filter value ___
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 Thanks favorite@vanilla for


Thanks favorite@vanilla for your suggestions but in my configuration I have no vpn filter configured

Do you have another suggestion?

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Please give me the show

Please give me the show crypto ipsec sa and show crypto isakmp sa and if possible the the vpn configs of both devices

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