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VPN_SSL License

Hi all

Basically yesterday I install a demo of a license SSL_VPN, when I use the command "# show license" shows me this:

3 Feature Index: SSL_VPN

         Period left: 8 weeks 4 days

         Period Used: 0 minute 0 second

         License Type: Evaluation

         License State: Active, Not in Use, EULA accepted

         License Count: 25/0/0 (Active / In-use / Violation)

         License Priority: Low

How I can do to enable, "Period Used"?

And how I can remove this license?

I probe and use the "# license SSL_VPN clear" but did not work

Thanks in advance

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VPN_SSL License

Actually use the feature and the "Period used" should start decrementing.

The command:

     activation-key deactivate

...should remove the demo license. (Replace the string above with your actual installed demo key.)

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VPN_SSL License

Thanks for the reply

I have a 891 router ios version 15.0

I configure the router with a vpn site to site but the period of use does not decrese.

I tried the command "activation-key" but does not recognize it ios.

Basically I do these tests to see if I could use a demo license for the second time on the same computer or need to buy a permanent

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VPN_SSL License

Hi Jose,

I am pretty sure that ( i used it before)

license boot module c1900 technology-package securityk9

command activates security license on x9xx series routers. if router is 29xx series then you replacec1900 with c2900. you can try this command on your router. dont forget to reboot router after applying this command if it fits your router model

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VPN_SSL License

Thanks for your reply ender karan

The command is successful and when I "show license" shows me this:

Index 2 Feature: securityk9

         Period left: 3 weeks 1 day

         Used Period: 5 weeks 2 days

         License Type: EvalRightToUse

         License State: Active, In Use

         License Count: Non-Counted

         License Priority: Low

I want to know is whether it is possible to reinstall a demo or need to buy the permanent

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VPN_SSL License


Firstly, you have an option to extend that license with a new temporary one.  you should call cisco TAC, they will help you in that case. or you should purchase a permanant one.

you should upload new license file to router's flash then you should install it to do router or use a ftp server.

Router# license install ftp://..... /license/5400/38a.lic   or  if you upload license to router use below;

Router# license install flash:....

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