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VPN Traffic routing through Company, not local

Recently, I have had an issue where when I connect to the vpn, my traffic begins routing through the company location across the country. This is causing the Soft Phone and Video Conferences I have to do to be extremely problematic. I have talk to our company IT department and they state that is the ISP, the ISP of course says it is the company and it is a back and forth battle between them, while my productivity suffers. Is there any suggestions to resolve this? Any help would be much appreciated.

I had attempted to search but got turned around in all the suggestions, I am able to access my local resources and such.

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VPN Traffic routing through Company, not local


Sounds like while you are connected via the VPN Client software all your traffic is forwarded through the Company network and through its WAN connection where ever they might be located.

The solution to this is

  • Not to use VPN Client when you need to use connection that should rather connect directly via your current Internet connection
  • Request from the VPN gateway admin if you could use Split Tunnel VPN which would essentially mean that only traffic destined to your Company internal LAN/DMZ networks should be forwarded through the VPN connection and all other traffic should be forwarded via your current Internet connection.

Then again both options might be impossible.

The first one might be that you require connection to the Company network while using the connection that you would want to go through the local Internet connection directly.

Other option might be impossible because of Company policy which doesnt allow Split Tunnel type VPN where part of the traffic flows past the active VPN Connection.

- Jouni

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VPN Traffic routing through Company, not local

Unfortuneately, I have to connect through VPN in order for the soft phone to be work. It is my work phone extension. However, I have been disconnecting form VPN to use the others.

I talked to the IT department about this issue earlier when I saw through the forums there was two ways of set up on the server side. We do have Split Tunnel on, the strangest of all is that I am the only one in the company experienceing this issue.

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