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VPN tunnel between Cisco PIX 515E & Checkpoint FW1

We have a site-to-site VPN tunnel setup between two locations one end has Cisco PIX 515E & the remote end is Checkpoint FW1.

Now when I initiate a traffic from the end having Cisco PIX the vpn tunnel does not come up ,but when one tries to generate an interesting traffic from the Checkpoint FW1 end the vpn tunnel comes up & everything works fine.

This problem has started all of sudden.All was working well tilll now.

Do we need to define something to initiate & establish the vpn tunnel when traffic is generated from the network at Cisco PIX end?

or is there any specific settings to be done when establishing vpn with Checkpoint.

Thanks in advance.


Community Member

Re: VPN tunnel between Cisco PIX 515E & Checkpoint FW1

You say that it just stopped working? Did you upgrade the CP :)

Make sure that UDP 500 and ESP is allowed to the CP from the Pix (depends on what your implied rules are). Then make sure that all the Phase 1 and Phase 2 info matches on the CP - depending on how you are doing VPN's on the CP this info can be in different places *sigh*

I know this isn't a lot of help but this problem is usually always mismatches on lifetimes etc.

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