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VPN using public IP as host question

My company currently is using a /30 network, 1 public assigned to an ISP and 1 Public IP assigned to an ASA.  They also use a VPN which the peer address is the public ip assigned to the outside interface of the ASA. One of our clients is requesting to access our servers but our servers must have assigned public IP not private. I have another /27 IP range givent to me from our ISP and am wondering how I can assign a server a public IP?

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VPN using public IP as host question


Two Option

First option:

Choose one the interface of ASA, make it as DMZ, assign public IP /27 to the DMZ interface, and assign another IP from /27 direct to the server. Your Server must point Default Gateway to ASA DMZ IP.

Second Option:

If let say your server currently sitting in the ASA LAN (inside), than you can achieve this by Port Forwarding or Static NAT mapping. Just choose one public IP from /27 and do Static NAT to the Private IP of the server in Cisco ASA. This will allow client access the server via Public IP, while server actually holding Private IP, and the translation done in Cisco ASA.

Regards, Nagis
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