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webvpn port forwarding on the VPN3000

I've been playing around with this and need some help. I defined a router in the inside of my network to the VPN concentrator under port forwarding using port 23. I launch the start application and I get a box that indicates that my entry x.x.x.x/23. Now how do I use it?

I tried just telneting to the address and nothing happens.

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Re: webvpn port forwarding on the VPN3000

Since you're using port forwarding, you have to telnet to the loopback interface using the configured port number. This "telnet" will be using port 120000 instead of 23. Use Putty or go to a Windows Command prompt and type:

telnet 120000

Let me know if this worked for you.

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Re: webvpn port forwarding on the VPN3000

You will have to telnet (using a DOS window or telnet program) to:

Note: there is a space between and the port number. It did not work with a colon when I tried it.

The redirection will take over from that point and translate to port 23, and you should be okay from there.

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