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WebVPN - RDP issue

One of my users conncects via SSL VPN back to our main site. The uses then tires to connect using RDP to (please note that I have changed the default RDP port to 33333) but it fails. Please keep in mind that if I try to connect from a diffrent computer it works fine. The user gets the error showen in the attached file. Any ideas?


Re: WebVPN - RDP issue

When a user clicks on an RDP bookmark or types an IP address in the WebVPN portal page URL field, : rdp://

- If the client PC can resolve RDP server IP to some FQDN or NetBIOS name, it sends this name to the ASA instead of the user-typed IP address.

- If the ASA can't resolve received name back to an IP (usually, it can't), then ASA does

not initiate an RDP session to a server at all and the connection fails.

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Re: WebVPN - RDP issue

Hi, is the user who can't connect behind a proxy ? there is a documented bug for this problem - bug nyumber is :-


I have just hit the same problem myself and we are looking for a workaround as there is presently no fix date. I believe an option is to set up "Smart-Tunnels"


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Re: WebVPN - RDP issue

Thanks for the post. I will try Smart Tunnels and replay to this post.

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