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WEBVPN using Port Forwarding and links

I have a challenge with clients being able to access a web application after the port forwarding is enabled.

The port forwarding is working fine, however when the client clicks on the link (on the concentrators home page)to reach the server the concentrator pre-pends the address and then the application responds to the concentrator not the client.

If a separate window is opened and the port fowarding address url is used it works fine

The web server has an 80 front end but then jumps to 401 for the connection.

I tried having the link launch a new window but if it's launched from the concentrator it still changes the url as if it's making the request directly

Is it possible to have the link work from the concentrator?


Re: WEBVPN using Port Forwarding and links

Port forwarding does not work for WebVPN users who authenticate using digital certificates. JRE does not have the ability to access the web browser keystore. Therefore JAVA cannot use a certificate that the browser uses to authenticate a user, so it cannot start.

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Re: WEBVPN using Port Forwarding and links

The port forwarding works fine as long as I launch another explorer window and put in the loopback addresses.

The problem is to setup the concentrator page with a link to execute.

It appears that the concentrator makes the request but the client does not get the reponse.

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