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Weird DNS forwarding issue from Concentrator 3000 - Lan to Lan IPsec


So I am banging my head against a wall with my current issue and any guidance/help would be very appreciated. My issue is that I cannot get certain DNS traffic through my Site to Site IPsec VPN. The Site to Site vpn is hosted by a Cisco Concentrator 3000 on the main site ( - Cincinnati) and on the other side is a SonicWall (TZ210 - - Chicago). Below is a link to a very simple diagram of the network.

Now, the background behind this issue is that there is a server in the Chicago office ( that I need to add to the domain. The Domain controller ( is in the cincinnati office. When trying to join the domain, the Chicago server cannot join it because it cannot get DNS responses from the cincinnati server/s (I have 2 domain controllers and the Chicago server cannot get DNS from either). I have complete connectivity through the tunnel and everything else that I can see works correctly.

I have done packet captures and I can see that the server in Cincinnati receives the DNS request, it sends the request off the the router and I can see the router is sending it off to the Concentrator via some static routes. On the other side of things, I can see the Chicago server send the requests, but it never receives any responses. My problem is, I do not know if the concentrator is dropping the packets or if the Sonicwall is dropping the packets. So a little help in this area will possible put in the right direction to track down the culprit.

Now, there are some weird things I have seen through experimenting which is throwing a wrench in this whole process for me. First off, if I set the server in Chicago's DNS server to the router in Cincinnati ( - Untangled on the picture) I get DNS responses. Secondly, if I make the server in Chicago a DNS server (Non-domain) and have a client in Cincinnati use it as it's DNS server, the client in Cincinnati gets DNS responses.

So, another question, is there any difference between a router's dns response compared to that of a Windows DNS response?

Thank you,

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