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When I launch ANYconnect (SSL) vpn client, I lose internet connectivity

We are running Windows 10, and have our system and individual professor logins. But even starting the client disconnects us from Internet. 

Should we use a different protocol, or can anyone solve our problem?

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This is probably a split

This is probably a split tunneling issue can anyone confirm?

Do you have a copy of the configuration?

If someone is configuring it via ASDM here are the steps.

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Hi, is this problem

Hi, is this problem specifically to Wireless or do you need ask this question under security?

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Yes if you are using wireless

Yes if you are using wireless you need to make sure your wireless is not on the same network as the VPN site you're trying to reach


Before giving you the

Before giving you the solutions here's a bit of info:
A. Split-tunneling allows users to use their own internet connection to access, well, the internet
B. Full-tunneling routes ALL traffic to the VPN. 

You have two(2) options:
1. Enable split tunneling
2. Or if you still want to full-tunnel. configure a policy to allow users to access the internet via your device(router/firewall).

Though most of the time, we deploy split-tunneling since it is a waste of bandwidth really when we do full tunnel. The primary advantage of full tunnel is that you have control on what the VPN user has access to the internet, especially when you have a web-gateway/web-filtering device. This can be helpful when you want to avoid attacks considering your VPN users can become man-in-the-middle agents for hackers/viruses.

im guessing you have an Cisco ASA, and bu default, split-tunneling is NOT configured/disabled. Hence, your users are in full-tunnel mode

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